We’ve been working with Tinsel over the last year to develop their new wearable - a fashionable necklace that is also a set of cleverly concealed audio earbuds. The startup launched around the idea that it was time to reimagine headphones by addressing 2 primary pain points: they always wind up in a tangled mess, and they generally look pretty unfashionable. Women are rarely the target when it comes to tech, and Tinsel is setting out to change that by designing products specifically with women in mind.

And they’ve gotten same great press over the last week! First, an Ebony.com profile of Tinsel’s Founder and CEO Aniyia Williams, who details her experiences launching a tech company not only as a woman, but as an African-American and mother-to-be. Much of the work we’ve done with Tinsel has been in manufacturing, and in the profile she references that working with a contractor with such strong experience developing products ended up serving their needs better and more quickly than seeking out a technical co-founder.

Second was the announcement of her role as a new Entrepreneur in Residence for CODE2040 in San Francisco, granting her the opportunity to mentor engineering students of color as well as facetime with a network of investors and other minority entrepreneurs.

Diversity is something we at Amp feel deeply passionate about, and Silicon Valley is ripe for continued change in this regard. We are proud of the work we've done with this company - here's to more diversity in tech!